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It’s Your Ride, Only More Rapid

People in Minneapolis-St. Paul can now choose buses that are faster, more user-friendly, and more comfortable. Metro Transit calls it arterial Bus Rapid Transit (aBRT). We call it Better Buses MSP!

In June 2016, the A Line opened between Roseville, Saint Paul, and Minneapolis, and ridership on the route is up more than 35 percent. People love the speed, the comfort, and the convenience.

Now there’s a proposal to build more aBRT lines and bring better bus service to more people.

Want faster, more reliable buses for more people?

TAKE ACTION and support funding for Better Buses MSP!

The A Line is a big hit. Let's build more.

Our Partnership & Mission

The Minneapolis Regional Chamber, Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce and East Metro Strong represent more than 2,400 businesses. These businesses rely on transit to get their employees to work. They understand the need for a 21st century transportation system, including aBRT, to keep the state and region moving.

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